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  • Carbon Monoxide Meter
    CO-180 Digital Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter.   This meter is very easy to use. With a push of button, you can measure the level of carbon monoxide in seconds, with accuracy up to a few parts per million (PPM). This CEM CO-180 meter is similar to Fluke CO-220, which retails for £20..
  • DT-2G (G) Microwave Tester
    CEM Instruments, DT-2G Microwave Leakage Detector Tester (in Grey) The sensor on the DT2G Microwave Leakage Tester can detect microwave leakage from a microwave oven. The DT2G Microwave Leakage Tester uses technology that utilises an advanced sensor for detecting microwave leakage from microw..
    £37.00 £68.00
  • DT-5500 Insulation Tester
    DT-5500 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester This top of the line device provides 250V, 500V and 1000V voltage for the test. It sources up to 1mA current during the test to offset the capacitance load. When carrying out power installation, this Tester can provide source in/for several ranges,..
    £99.00 £149.95
  • IR-99 Clamp Thermometer
    3 IN 1 Digital Clamp, Probe & IR THERMOMETER.   PERFECT FOR MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS & AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERS Features:   1. User selectable ℃ or ℉ 2. Data Hold & Auto Power Off 3. Overrange indication 4. Max, Min record 5. IR with probe ..
    £39.95 £54.00
  • Phase Sequence / Rotation Indicator
    DT-901 Phase Sequence / Rotation Indicator The Phase Rotation Indicator is a handheld instrument designed to detect the rotary field of three-phase systems. 1. 3 Phase indication 2. Indication of phase rotation 3. Clear LCD display 4. No battery required Specification: ..